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Martin Waller, External Works Manager, primarily manages the service and installation engineers from our HQ in Buckinghamshire. Martin also works closely with Origin Accredited Partners, running product training sessions, answering technical queries, and works alongside Origin’s Research and Development team to continuously improve Origin products. Here, Martin Waller shares his top 5 tips for installing Origin Bi-fold Doors efficiently.

Click here for technical drawings, installation guide and warranty information.

1. “The cill and bottom track should be level and straight on a solid base”

It sounds simple, but this is the most important part of the installation process and is one of the top reasons why bi-fold doors may not operate correctly. In order for the bi-fold doors to operate smoothly, the cill and bottom track should be installed on a flat surface that’s also stable enough to take the weight of the bi-fold doors.

You can level out the surface using frame packer (provided in multiple sizes) and spirit level. You should aim to pack every 500mm for the best results. This will also ensure correct drainage and avoid any internal leaks.

2. “Jambs should be fixed into a solid structure using the jamb packers provided”

Using the jamb packers that are provided by Origin will ensure that the jambs are installed correctly according to the right specifications. Jamb packers should be tightly secured so they cannot shift or fall. Ensure the jamb packers are evenly distributed and the jamb is fitted through the polyamide break.

Additionally, great care should be taken when fixing jambs and should only be done on a solid structure to avoid any shaking or risk of damage.

3. “Jambs should be squared with the top and bottom tracks”

Jambs should be drilled and fitted following the installation of the top and bottom tracks. The top and bottom tracks should be flat and level and the jamb should be squared with both tracks. Jambs that are twisted or out of alignment will prevent the doors from operating correctly and could result from weather damage.

“The bottom fork should be adjusted to the correct height (4mm)”

Always check the ride height is correct on the bottom track - use a 4mm frame packer to achieve this. This will allow enough room for the bi-fold doors to operate without knocking into any other components or causing damage. You can adjust the height of the bottom fork simply by screwing it into the bottom track until it’s the correct height.

Watch the video on how to install Origin’s new fork and trolley.

5. “The lead door should have a 4mm gap between the slam and rebate”

In order for the locking system and the weather tight seal to operate effectively, there should be a 4mm gap between the slam and rebate on the lead door. This measurement should be consistent the whole length of the door.

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